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Parking Outside The Box


Superior options for long-term airport parking in Brisbane



While the television commercials might make it look easy, with every travel holidays comes a number of hidden headaches that aren’t mentioned in the brochure. Are you packing enough clothes? Are you packing too many clothes? Who will pick us up from the airport? Who will look after the pets? Did you remember to bring the itinerary? Do we know how to exchange our money once we get there? Where’s the hotel located? How on earth are we going to get to the airport?

While everyone loves travel holidays, finding a way to get to the airport is even less popular than air travel itself. The most popular method currently is asking, begging or bargaining with a friend of yours to take hours out of their day to drive you out there. If you’re not lucky enough to have a friend on hand that is willing or able to drive you all the way out to the airport, your options are:

– Dragging your luggage on and off Brisbane’s most expensive train ride.
– Paying for an overpriced taxi to take you there.
– Driving to the airport yourself and paying for parking.

If you have to drive to the airport yourself, having to pay the exorbitant costs of long-term parking at the Brisbane Airport is often considered a necessary evil with no other options. Many people do not even realize that are other options available that charge a fraction of the price and offer superior services. But with a little bit of research, it’s possible to cut your parking bill by half or even more. Suddenly driving yourself to the airport is cheaper than taking a taxi, and you no longer have to rely on others to take you to the terminal.

Located just outside the airport are private carparks that offer acres of reserved parking both open air and undercover. Because they don’t have to deal with infrastructure cost, government bureaucracy and don’t act like they have a captive market, private carparks like Budget Airport Parking charges significantly less for the same service. BAP for example charges $96 less than the Brisbane Airport does for two weeks of undercover parking, a 47% saving.

Cheap Airport ParkingTo travel from the carpark to the airport, Budget Airport Parking provides a free air conditioned shuttle bus service. This service operates 24/7 and can be tracked using a free app or on the website. Given airport queues and the walking distance between the airport carpark and the terminals, it can actually be faster and more convenient to park outside the airport and use the bus service than to park inside of it.

Booking your long-term airport parking online is not only more convenient and guarantees you a spot; it can make your trip even cheaper. Rates at Budget Airport Parking can be as low as $6 a day, less than what you pay for a coffee in the airport lounge. As well as their low base price, BAP offers a number of special voucher deals for both short-term and long-term parking. Airport parking is often considered an extravagance for short trips, but with BAP long-term airport parking is the most affordable option. For example, Budget Airport Parking currently offers a $48 long weekend special for four days of undercover parking.

To protect from the weather, the more advanced offsite parking services have installed protective canopies made of composite materials in order to protect vehicles from hail, debris, birds, storms and UV sun damage. These protective covers ensure that vehicle remains safe while their owners are away, and that they don’t have to worry about coming home to a car covered in dents and debris. The benchmark for vehicle canopies in Australia is NetPro canopies. To quote from their website:

“The NetPro patented Pitch System uses a stable (non-stretching) net erected in a pitched roof pattern. The falling hail is directed down the valleys so as to exit the structure at allocated spacings. A pitch structure is best able to withstand heavy falls and is the “Rolls-Royce” of the net systems, and shedding the load reduces the risk of major structural failure during large hail events.”

Many people don’t realize airport parking doesn’t have to be an extravagant expense that can cost as much as your airline tickets. There are alternative options that allow you to park your own car for as little as $6 a day, and take a free air-conditioned shuttle to the airport. This is cheaper and often faster than parking at the onsite airport parking, and allows you total control of your vehicle.

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